The Return of Twin Peaks – An Ode to Good Coffee

If there is one television show that springs to mind when you take a sip on a mug of black coffee, it’s the seminal David Lynch weird-fest of Twin Peaks. It certainly held the beverage up on a high pedestal, with numerous positive mentions throughout the course of the show.

The early 1990s hit show documented the FBI investigation into the murder of a high school girl in the small logging town of Twin peaks. Agent Dale Cooper is sent to the town and uncovers myriad strange goings-on involving much of the population.

One of the things that stick out is his calm routine, ensuring he has only the best quality coffee, specific to his taste. One of the best lines in the show is Coop (as he’s affectionately known) describing his perfect cup of Joe as being as ’black as midnight on a moonless night’. A beautiful description we’re sure you can agree. The success of the show, and the character of Coop in particular led to fans demanding a taste of events, and in recent years the creator has even released his own coffee as a nod to the show, which is returning to our screens in 2017 after a long wait of over 25 years.

At Coffee Soul we agree with Coop, there’s nothing better than a damn fine cup of coffee and that’s why we provide only the highest quality to you. Contact us to find out how we can help you savour the best coffee around.